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Текст песни Limp Bizkit - Shark attack - _LCXmb38ZkY

Another one of those days
Feelin like a shovel
With a lot of shit in the way
Gonna clear me a path
Right to the culprit
Straight to your fucked up past
This ain't about rage
It's about disrespect
You shoulda thought about that
Before your track went flat
Homie what the deal?
Why you talkin' shit like that?
I've had enough drama
I don't need a chump
Talkin' that trash in pajamas
Heated up like a sauna
Time to pay the piper
I ain't givin' hope like Obama
I'm spittin out flames
Better hit the deck
I'ma mic check them games
You don't need a new coach
You need a new neck
Hoarse (of course?) I connect with your throat

Still shockin' like a heart attack
Cuz I'm a maniac (some maniac)
Still runnin' through the shark attack
Without a single scratch (without a single scratch)
Still limpin' where the dog is at
Up in my brainiac (up in my brainiac)
Still bitin' while your barkin' back
So you can shut your trap (shut it down)

Check 1-2
I ain't even through
Givin' you grief
Put another stain on your teeth
Back up on your feet
Call in the rescue
Better get the whole damn fleet
This attack ain't stealth
It's worldwide
Homicide bad for your health what
I'm goin' straight for the gut
Closin' them minds
Sewin' them lips straight shut
Go ahead put it on me
Show me what you got
Why you get robbed like a zombie
It's a one man army
Puff Puff give
Watch 'em get smoked like a cig
You heard of Freddy Kruger?
I'm kinda like that
With a red cap and a Ruger
Still slingin' it to ya
Microphone hustla
Bad motha fucka
Screw ya


Swimmin' with
Sharks ain't easy
They just want
To kill and eat me
I ain't gonna
Let that happen
Watch me plan
My shark attack, then
Make them wish
They never knew me
Turn their great
White ass to sushi
This is my
Old school technique
It's all I need
To live in one piece, yeah!

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